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Frank Caprio Tells Obama to “Shove It”

By : October 29, 2010

Economic and war news is so grim that Americans are fortunate if they can sometimes enjoy politics as theatre, as a small compensation for all the suffering and destruction that politicians cause. Politics is indeed very expensive entertainment, but since we are paying for it whether or not we enjoy it, we might as well […]

Wars and Tea Party Anti-Tax Demonstrations

By : April 11, 2010

The peace movement has proven completely ineffectual in the eight years of war in Afghanistan and seven years of war in Iraq. Public demonstrations and vigils attract no interest and change no minds. How annoying then that Tea Party demonstrations draw vast crowds and are now considered a serious influence over the decisions of elected […]

Why bipartisan is a dirty word

By : April 11, 2010

This week the president appealed for bipartisan cooperation. Politicians frequently call for or pledge bipartisan cooperation as if it’s a good thing, but it’s usually a good thing only for the two political parties. The average American citizen should be frightened at the very idea of bipartisan cooperation, and not because one party is always […]