Five thoughts about the war in Ukraine, on the fifth day

Five thoughts about the war in Ukraine, on the fifth day

1. When Vladimir Putin continually insisted in public that Russians and Ukrainians are one people, he might not have considered whether this would seriously damage the morale and motivation of Russian soldiers when they are told to kill Ukrainians.

2. Grandmas heading out to fight the Russian army? That is heroic, admirable, and inspirational. Sending them out, now that’s a different matter.

3. Grandmas fighting the Russian army is quixotic, but so too is Putin’s war against grandmas.

4. Crusty old veterans of the National Liberation Front are probably having tea with each other throughout Viet Nam, once again discussing tactics for how a people can best resist a modern army. Resistance was not easy for the Vietnamese, and it will be harder for the Ukrainians.

5. Putin is likely blaming his military for not rapidly fulfilling his grandiose plan. I hope his generals have lost patience with him. And I hope that Russian generals have learned enough about courage from Ukrainian soldiers and civilians to add Putin to the growing list of war dead.



2 thoughts on “Five thoughts about the war in Ukraine, on the fifth day”

  1. Comment to #5. Four Russian Generals have been eliminated by Ukrainian Soldiers. It would seem that Russian Soldiers might be wary of their foes and possibly consider what you have written.

  2. Sue, good to hear from you. I wonder what the Russian slang for “fragging” is, if there is one. Given the Russian army tradition of repressing initiative in NCOs and soldiers, there might be no significant fragging, unless a general happens to pass by.

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