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Two Hanoi Haiku

By : June 4, 2019

cyclo-pedaled to        Revolution Museumby NVA vet This incident happened to me on a return to Viet Nam in the summer of 1993. Something seems amiss when a war’s winner gets to pedal the loser to a museum celebrating the victory. That seems especially true when the loser’s army had no adequate reason to be in […]

Five Voices in Dinh Tuong Province

By : November 24, 2018

1. Pvt. Parker’s Lament In Cho Gau village there’s not much to loot, And no young men we could interrogate. No bars, no Cokes, no grass, no prostitute, Nothing to amuse us while we wait For higher ups deciding Cho Gau’s fate. 2. Pvt. Simmons at the Perimeter At dusk the sandbags cool, the noises […]

Review: Uncontested Grounds by William Conelly

By : May 1, 2015

These are fine, subtle, graceful, insightful poems, rich in imagery and insight. I’ve been reading them over and over for a month without tiring. Some of these poems are worth the price of the book by themselves, like “Intuition,” which seems to me to be one of the finest examples of dramatic irony since Robert […]

Michael Casey’s Check Points poetry

By : August 9, 2012

Michael Casey has once again offered his readers a collection of amusing, deceptively simple poems about daily life as a military policeman during the Viet Nam War, in Check Points, published by Gary Metras’s Adastra Press, 2011. Unlike many contemporary books of poetry (books that gather unrelated poems, loaded with enough filler to remind me […]

Book Review: Alan Farrell, Expended Casings

By : July 4, 2010

In his foreword (whimsically rendered “Deployed Forward”), Alan Farrell ridicules pretension, incomprehensibility, poetry as therapy, literary critical jargon, posturing, the cult of free verse, swingebuckling, and shallow war poetry cliches. Nevertheless you sense that he is trying to be restrained and polite, and barely succeeding. Farrell’s reader might then expect carefully crafted and elegantly ironic […]